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A customized, branded website is one of the most important things for any e-commerce business. This is where your customers, and potential customers, will be able to view all your items for sale as well as make their purchases and share the link with their friends. You want to make sure your website is customized and branded to fit YOUR company’s philosophy.

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular and easy to use platform for e-commerce business with hundreds of free, ready to use themes, as well as apps that add the extra flare to your store, an affordable monthly subscription, and more. If you are ready to hop onto the shopify train but don’t know where to start, this package is perfect for you.

Package entails:

  • A one on one live video chat call to talk about your vision for your brand and what you want your website to look like.
  • How to buy/claim your domain (the name of your website.)
  • How to build your shopify store website to match your vision.
  • How to list and add products.
  • Which shopify apps you should have/add to your store.
  • Tips and tricks on fighting chargebacks.
  • How to view your store’s reports for tax season.
  • 6 months guarantee of contact and check in’s to answer any questions and concerns you might have as you are building and growing your very own business.

This package does not entail LYFTED COSMETICS with the job of building YOUR website. This package simply acts as a guide in helping and enabling you to start and build your own website. The responsibility is on the buyer as a whole and if the buyer fails to keep up with LYFTED COSMETICS on our end in trying to help the buyer, the buyer may lose access to the 6 months guarantee.

If you wish to relieve yourself of the responsibility of building your own website, we do have another package available in which we will build your website for you, please check it out on our website at 

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